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Available Puppies & Upcoming Litters


Silver and Ollies , 

micro-mini english cream  teddy bear doodle puppies, ready summer 2024'.

Both Silver Bell and Ollie are genetically health tested and cleared. Silver is an english cream teddy bear goldendoodle and Ollie is an AKC registered red and white toy poodle. They both have sweet and laid back dispositions and neither parent shed. The puppies expected weights are 9 -13 lbs. and will be non-shedding as well. 


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Will be having mini english cream teddy bear goldendoodles later this year. 

Mississippi is a F1, soft and creamy goldendoodle. She is uniquely furnished with light green eyes and an amber colored nose. We expect some puppies with simiar features.          She is genetically health tested and cleared of any genetic issues. She weighs 45 lbs and her puppies are estimated to weigh 20-35 lbs. 

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Is expected to have mini Cavapoos ready late summer 24'.  Scarlett is a genetically health cleared red and white f1 cavapoo and loves children and cuddling. She is an emotional support dog to an autistic child. We just love her sweet heart. Her puppies are estimated to be 13-15 lbs and in a variety of colors and white markings. These will be adorable, fluffy and low shedding puppies. 

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Past Litter
English Cream Mini-Doodles

Past Litter
Red Mini-Doodles

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